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Kindly the Label

Chunky knit sweater

Chunky knit sweater

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They had a gathering to attend in the forest with all their closest friends.  Every creature watched as they played in the colorful leaves and collect acorns.  Of course we cannot forget to say that they wore the cutest knits of all colors.  A green called Woodland. The yellow they called Tumbleweed. The rust was of course called fox and so on and so on. 

We also wanted to say that no matter how hard they played and dirty they became - their mothers didn't mind because the knits held up so well and they knew that even if they washed them and used them so many times - they would still be so nice that they could be passed down to others.

Materials:   100% knit cotton   

Garment Care: to keep the piece looking it's best we recommend only washing in cold water and never tumble drying.

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